The Methodist Church accepts infant baptism as a Sacrament of welcome into the Christian church. It is our conviction that all people can be welcomed into our faith. Our African context affirms the value of children being recognised as forming part of the greater community. “It takes a village to raise a child”.

If you are interested in joining our Baptism classes contact Children’s Pastor Jenny on of 011 463-2333


Weddings are conducted at BMC for both members and non-members of the church. We are honored that you have chosen to grow in your faith and love for each other and also for God by coming to BMC for your wedding and marriage.

The church wedding policy, procedures for booking and relevant costs may be obtained from the church office on 011 463-2333 or


Funerals & Memorials are regarded as pastoral care activities and therefore require full attention of the ministers. Any person requesting BMC to conduct a funeral service will be offered such services, including Non-members depending on availability of the ministers and church venue. 

The church funeral policy, procedures for booking and relevant costs may be obtained from the church office on 011 463-2333 or


An important purpose of marriage preparation is to help each partner assess his or her personal readiness for marriage.

It allows couples to plan their marriage rather than just a wedding.

To arrange marriage preparation sessions with one of our ministers contact the church office on or 011 463-2333


A Pastoral Shepherd is someone who loves connecting with people. He or she has a caring nature and loves to support and nurture people going through emotional issues or just listening when someone needs to talk. They are interested in other people and want to walk alongside them on their faith journey.

Please contact Nadja if you would like a “faith buddy” to walk with you for a while, a home visit or to meet with a Minister on 011 463-2333 or


Do you need Prayer or have a specific prayer request? We have over 40 Prayer Warriors that will pray for you or those you love.

If you feel a need to pray or be prayed for, join the Ministers every Thursday morning in Healing Prayer for 30-45 minutes  at 7am.

Please contact Nadja for the link on 011 463-2333 or