Akani Diepsloot Foundation

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In June 2010 an Association incorporated under Section 21, named Akani Diepsloot Foundation was formed. Akani was established thirteen (13) years ago as a Bryanston Methodist Church Outreach Mission.

Our mission is ‘Every Child Can ‘and our objective is to:

  • Grow the Akani Metmar School into a fully fledged junior primary school and beyond
  • Provide an environment of Growth and Care
  • Afford each child dignity and respect
  • Enable children to discover their talents and gifts
  • Develop programs including spiritual, educational, cultural and social activities
  • Enroll volunteers from parents, community and business to support Akani
  • Develop each child into a sound and responsible citizen
  • Provide sporting facilities to enhance their self esteem
  • Create a safe-haven within which our Akani children can be educated, receive adequate nutrition, enjoy recreational activities, and feel God’s peace, love and care
  • Raise funds to maintain in order to sustain the program and meet these strategic objectives

Whilst Akani continues to run with the same vision, purpose and values as before, this change has broadened the scope for fundraising and organizational development. We have recently received our second audited annual financial statements from auditors Nolands Jhb Inc. for the period March 2011 to February 2012.

Akani provides a Foundation Phase school, as well as an Aftercare centre for hundreds of children from the Diepsloot community, which is situated 6km north of Fourways.

Akani is governed by a constitution and policies to ensure good governance. The Foundation is committed to conducting its business with integrity, excellence and discipline. These values call for the organisation to practice the highest standards of corporate governance.

Read more at www.akani.org.za
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