MCSA Press Release regarding Mehena & Sibanga recording

The Methodist Church of Southern Africa –┬áMethodist Connexional Office

31 December 2018

Communique on Rev Dr Mehana and Raymond Sibanga’s Recording

The Office of the Presiding Bishop has become aware, through social media, of an unfortunate and distressing recording of a private conversation between Rev. Dr. Vukile Mehana and Mr Raymond Sibanga. The Methodist Church of Southern Africa would like to distance itself from the offensive and shocking utterances of our minister and state unequivocally that his views are in no way representative of the position of the church and its functional duties.

We note with dismay the blatant disrespect and portrayal of women who are characterised in a dismissive, humiliating and degrading caricature. The objectifying of the anatomy of women and its link to culture and religion is not only unacceptable but also equally distasteful.

We maintain that the opinions express are both offensive and highly intolerable particularly in our current climate in which women are de-humanised, abused and disrespected

This matter is receiving immediate and urgent attention and a full investigation is underway, the outcome of which will be communicated.

Released on behalf of the Office of the Presiding Bishop

Bishop Zipho Siwa



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