MCSA Press Release – A Response to Xenophobic Violence

17 Apr 2015



The Methodist Church of Southern Africa is gravely disturbed by the xenophobic violence taking place in KwaZulu Natal and spreading to other provinces.


We join the Speak Out Campaign in saying we cannot afford to be silent in the face of such inhumane acts.


“We call on all people; the church, religious communities; business and civil society to speak out with one voice condemning the violence. We call on all leaders to speak loudly and unambiguously in condemning all attacks on foreign nationals living in South Africa,” said Bishop Zipho Siwa Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa.


“We appeal to all people in leadership and influence to refrain from using inflammatory language in a volatile situation. Our country is burning and all hands need to be on deck in putting out the fire. To avoid confusion, all other long term issues need to be shelved for now, to be addressed separately at a later stage. Ending xenophobia must take precedence. The violence and bloodshed must stop!”


We call on all peoples living in South Africa to SPEAK OUT AND ACT!! Let us all work together to end xenophobia through whichever platforms avail themselves including in our families, communities, social media and even on the street.


May God help our nation.


Released on behalf of Bishop Zipho Siwa

(Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and President of the SACC)

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