Letter to the Congregation – Rev. Dalene Jordaan

7 Aug 2015


Dear Friends


Many of you know that I was recently hospitalized and some may know I was diagnosed with vestibular neuritis, a viral attack on the nerve of the middle ear which causes dizziness, nausea, disorientation and a variety of other exciting symptoms. I have been told to be very still for the next month and that it could be a few months to full recovery.


Whilst in hospital having a CT scan of my head, a chest scan was included. There was a need to check that my breast cancer had not metastasized to the brain. That brain scan came back clear, but I have since learned that my cancer has metastasized to my lungs.


I am sharing this with you as it is important to contain fallout and misinformation. I will now be on sick leave for August- due to the ear infection- and on furlough leave in September. My first service back will be the last Sunday in September.

Thank you for your love and support whilst in hospital and for your continued support as we journey together from here. Festus and Neil – thanks for all you have already done to make life easier!


Remind me often of God’s love for my family and myself. We are held and nurtured with God’s inexplicable love and grace and yes, even joy.


I would though want to share some helpful and unhelpful responses at times like this.  I have had many strange and even offensive reactions and comments throughout my 20 year journey with cancer.


Here are a few:


Unhelpful:  We will pray and God will make it all better!

Helpful:  We will keep you and the kids in our prayers.  May God’s love constantly enfold you.


Unhelpful:  You are not healed because you do not have enough faith.

I have journeyed with God the past 20 years with this disease and have experienced grace upon grace upon grace.  I have had many more years than anyone expected, to see my boy grow bigger and to have my daughter and granddaughter in my life.  Healing of the body is far less important than healing of the soul.   I walk in God’s love and care every day.


Unhelpful: When you see me, you avoid me because you do not know what to say.

Helpful:  Be truthful – tell me you don’t know what to say but that you will hold me and my family in your prayers.


Unhelpful: Hysterical reactions and gossip. I’ve already heard that my face is covered with tumours!! (I just have a face that looks that way!)

Helpful: Stick to the truth and remember my kids and I are real people!


Unhelpful:  You are too young to die!

Helpful:  Remember I have had many years more than expected.


I am deeply grateful to God for directing my path to BMC.  You have allowed me space to minister and belong.  Your love and support will carry us day by day.

And I will rejoice in the Lord – always!



Dalene Jordaan

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